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Thai Massage

Thai Massage

What is Thai Massage?

Traditional Thai massage is and amazing and unique form of body work that incorporates Hatha Yoga , acupressure and reflexology with origins dating along time ago, about 2,500 years . The roots of Thai massage are traced to the founder Shivaga Komarpaj practice , a doctor, a friend and contemporary of Buddha. This type of  massage is transmitted as a tradition. In Thailand , there are many farmers who do more physical work over the day and their muscles become very tense , so they teach their children massage techniques that they have learned from their parents.
Art Massage is the place where East blends with the West in a way never seen before , offering you an experience of total relaxation and complete pampering. Our therapists have extensive experience working with the art of relaxation and that is why they do what they can to give you the experience of your life.
Thai massage combines styles from Asia that have been passed down the generations . Unlike Western massage , Thai method uses point pressure ,compression and muscle stretching , done in a balanced rhythmic motion . In Thai massage , not only the hands are used to release tension in the body , but also therapist legs , forearms , elbows and knees.

What happens during a Thai Massage session?

Thai MassageA professional therapist identify and target the underlying cause of the problem, using slow motion , muscle compression and acupressure . This is your first step. Mostly massage is just as it sounds – deep ! This treatment is a refreshing Thai massage , which focuses on areas of the body that are particularly stressful or painful .
Art Massage recommends treatment for 2 hours for the entire body. Or you can choose a localized Thai massage , for example, specific back pain or neck, and this treatment is recommended 60 minutes. Whichever method chosen you will find a number of benefits of this type of massage, such as: relieving muscle tension, tones tired muscles, elimination of body toxins, restoration of the natural energy of the body and swing, treatment of persistent pain , past pain and injury.
If you are interested in trying Thai Massage we are the perfect choice for you. Book an appointment today and you will not regret it! Available 24/7 at 07950 831 567!